Thursday, January 31, 2013

Local News

I ask that all our friends and family be in prayer for the city of Kaufman and surrounding areas today and the days to come. It was confirmed today that an Assistant DA was shot and killed this morning going from his vehicle to the Kaufman Courthouse. Local and other  TX law enforcement agencies are looking for the suspects now.

This is such a tragic incident that is becoming all to common. Please be in prayer for everyone affected by this situation. In a small town like Kaufman, where everyone knows everyone, it's very hard! So many of my customers work in Kaufman and either work for the judicial offices or their spouses do. The next few weeks, months will be very hard each time they come or leave work. God knows the hearts of all these affected and knows what each of them will need. I just pray that he brings them peace, understanding and is able to keep them all safe.

Please be  mindful of your law enforcement departments and what they do for us each and every day. Thank a police officer, fireman, military, and other judicial leaders. We always think of the military protecting us, but it reaches much farther than that. Each day hard working citizens risk their lives to protect us, our rights and our justices.

I am thankful to have a law enforcement agent in our family. I know we all feel safer with him on the streets protecting our surrounding community. I know my cousin must be very honored that her husband wants his life career to be in the pursuit of justice and protecting those around her. Please pray for those spouses and families that wake up each morning knowing what their loved ones sacrifice each and every day. WE never know when our last day will be and we aren't suppose to ask or be in fear. But, take this time to hug the ones you love, pray for their safety every day, tell them "I love you" and be thankful for each day we have on this earth.

God bless all those in our surrounding community- I  pray that God delivers these suspects and justice is served.

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