Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clean Eating

Eating as fresh as possible! 

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you have had a safe day indoors. During this rainy, stormy time of year, it's a great time to cook up some fresh farm stand produce to put up for winter! 

I am asked all the time how to eat healthy, on a budget, and feed a family that is picky. Here are some starters, get them all in the kitchen to help.

  1.  Kids will eat more of what they prepare, they take pride in what they do themselves! 
  2. Make gardening, grocery shopping, going to local farm stands, orchards a family affair. 
  3. Plan your menu for the week, don't eat on impulse.
  4. Buy in bulk, it's cheaper and it will last you a lot longer. 
  5. If you have picky eaters and they don't like veggies- sub hamburger meat in any casserole or sauce with "Morning Star" Meal Starter, tastes like beef, cooks like beef. Great substitute for tacos, spaghetti, etc. 
  6. If you don't buy it, you can't eat it. Stay away from anything processed, in a can, or "easy, convenient" foods such as frozen dinners, boxed meals, snack foods. 
  7. Be careful of "diet" foods- it's filled with stuff you don't need, nor should you consume it. It's a HUGE marketing tool and people spend millions of dollars annually for the quick fix. Eating healthy is eating what God provided us. Lean meats, fresh produce and fruit. If you stick to those foods, you should do okay.
  8. My last advise- STAY AWAY from margarine! You are better off eating a small amount of the real thing! Also use real sugar, there is nothing wrong with these things in moderation. 
Here are some great places to shop in the DFW area

  1. Farmer's market- 5507 E Belknap Street, Haltom City, TX, 76117-4614. Phone: (817) 838-8526
  2. Dallas Farmers market- 1010 S Pearl Expy  Dallas, TX 75201 (214) 939-2808
  3. Hamm's Orchards- 11939 County Road 309 Terrell, Texas 75161972-524-2028
Things that freeze well, place all in freezer safe bags and label with the date
Summer squash and Zucchini, boil lightly and allow to cool. 
Tomatoes- dice and freeze or blanch and freeze
Peas and Beans
fresh corn- take off the cob, cook lightly in seasonings and a little butter

Vintage Style: Craft Coach: The Big Reveal

Vintage Style: Craft Coach: The Big Reveal: Craft Coach: The Big Reveal

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Craft Coach is coming to Richland Hills on Memorial Day

 Craft Coach with Maggie Hamlin and Billie Long

I am so excited that Craft Coach "Rambling Rose" is on the road finally! Billie and Maggie have been working hard over the last couple of months restoring this beauty!  It's been a lot of hard work, long hours and sacrifices by their families, but they are done. 

Craft Coach will be coming to our Memorial Day Tea Party at my home at 4:00. I hope you all are able to stop by, have some tea or lemonade and work on a great craft project designed by the two of them. 

The project will be $5.00, bring scissors, adhesive, and a paper trimmer if you have them. I will have some of these items on hand for  those that don't. 

I can't wait to see what they have created for all the ladies to make at our tea party, I know it will be a fun project no matter what it is. 

Craft Coach will also be making visits to Whitworth Ranch Retreat to show their merchandise and to create projects for your group if desired. Contact Maggie at 817-360-4825 to make request your groups project. They will also come to your home, birthday party, girls weekend, shower, reception, etc. Any event that you would like a hands on class for a girls craft project. 

Also watch for Craft Coach and Whitworth Ranch Retreat at this year's Scrapbook Convention, we will be located next to Melissa Frances. We will be giving away a weekend to the retreat, and who knows maybe even something special with "Craft Coach"! 

More pictures coming soon, stay tuned.