Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Family

Good morning everyone,

Thought I would introduce you all to my family~ That is me on the far left, my sister Stephanie next to me, then my daugther Ashley and last but not least on the right my Mom, Marie.

All the women in my family are very talented and creative in their own unique way.

My sister, Stephanie is in the hotel business and very successful. She currenthly lives in Houston and loves it! She is always traveling to some far off land around the world (a bit envious of her).... She always comes back with great stories and worldly news!

My daughter, Ashley is in High School. She is part of the marching band and plays flute. She will be graduating in the spring of 2014 and it's hard to believe! Seems like yesterday she was born! She plans on attending college near home (true TX girl), however I can see her being a jet setter like my younger sis. She is planning on a degree in nursing or something in the medical field. I still think she is a little undecided at the moment, just depends on how many years she wants to continue in school.

My Mom, Marie still works full time. She hopes to retire in a couple of years, then I hope she will be helping me out at the retreat..  Maybe she will be my design partner, she is great at making cards, quilting, sewing and so much more. By the way, she can make a DELICIOUS Italian Cream Cake. HMMM, on that thought maybe she will become my pastry chef.

Well, this is just a small picture of the creative women in my family-

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