Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New addition coming along nicely

We are so excited about the progress of our new addition! It won't be long now before it's all done and ready to start decorating and filling it with all the new furnishings we have found. Alisha Munden from Kaufman is helping us with some of our new decor along with some other great vendors at Canton First Monday!

I will post some pictures of the great finds we have found very soon.

We are hoping to have an open house sometime this summer once the building addition has been completed. I will get the details out as soon as we are ready for the grand tour.

If you are in need of some great home decor, furniture, and clothing stop by and see our friends this weekend at Canton! Gypsy Pearl (ask for Alisha), Jackie with Urban Gypsy Rags and Cathy with Girls Gone Junkin.

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Sue said...

Pitter Patter goes my heart!!! I'm planning to come out in the Fall - once the addition is all completed. Gotta get three more gals though. Can't wait until the Summer for a sneak peak. Aren't you EXCITED?