Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Getting up and Moving Forward~ Go DiAnn, you got this!

For those that know me and my family then you know that I am very blessed to have my Mother-in-law reside with us. DiAnn is the most gracious, caring, supportive mother-in-law I could ever ask for!

DiAnn has been in a wheelchair for 10 years now, due to some unfortunate circumstances. She detached her Achilles Tendon several years ago. She underwent surgery that ended badly in her case. She is diabetic and ended up with an open wound for 8 years. It's now completely healed up and she is well on the road to recovery!

We stared OT and PT about 3 months ago. She went from hardly walking at all to 200 steps today. I am so grateful for the care she is receiving and the supportive and encouraging therapist that have come into our lives. I am so blessed and honored to think that my daughter, Ashley will be helping people much like DiAnn one day. God Willing she gets into PT school with a lot of determination, prayer, and support. She also may be helping people walk again!

Like so many people, I never stopped to think of my surroundings, and the handicaps that people have. I am more selective with where I dine, movie theaters I go to, stores I shop at etc.. While they should all be handicapped accessible, they are not! If you can't get a stroller through an isle way, guess what, you can't get a wheel chair through one either.. Please don't place us at the back of a restaurant, while you have an empty table at the front. Please don't use the only handicapped stall in the restroom while there are others vacant. These are the things that happen daily to us on our outings. Never thought about them before, but now I do.  I think about all of these things now before I leave the house. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did too.

Be courteous and respectful of others misfortunes, you never know what they have endured or if some day it may be you or a loved one going through it. Open doors, offer to help with a bag of groceries. Say a kind word and smile. It goes a long way!

Always remember, life  is short, don't take your good health for granted. We never know when an accident may occur, an illness may become devastating, or some unseen tragedy becomes a reality. Take care of yourself while you can, exercise daily, eat healthy, and see your doctors regularly.

I am so fortunate in my family to have very few illnesses or bad health. My grandparents are both in their 80's and in good physical health over all. Not until now did I ever give so much thought to my future and what I need to do to sustain good health.

Eat well and go walking~ Justin and I are starting now!

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Sue said...

Beautiful words, Stacy. Your mother-in-law must be very proud of you!