Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weddings, Receptions and Love

Good morning,

What a beautiful Saturday we are having at the retreat!

I am honored that a beautiful couple thinks our place would be a GREAT venue for a fall, country, vintage wedding. I will be giving this wonderful couple a tour of our place today.

We have been wanting to create a magical place for weddings/receptions and formal events. I have been compiling lots of ideas on Pinterest for  special events. I can't wait to hear their ideas and if they plan on setting a date.

I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE weddings! They are such a joyous occassion, bringing family and friends together to celebrate love.

We have had 2 weddings and a reception at our retreat and all were beautiful and fun in their own way. The most special was seeing my Mom marry her soul mate under the big tree in the front yard. It's hard to believe that Mom and John have been married almost 17 years. I love to watch them, it's like being in high school. There is nothing more romantic than seeing your parents kiss, hug and hold hands. They share a very special love that most only dream about. I am thankful to have them as reminder that fairy tales do come true!

Justin and I had our reception around the pool area with family and friends prior to our wedding. We were married on a cruise and wanted something relaxing and fun before the big day. It was also beautiful and very memorable. Like my Mom, I am very lucky to have fallen in love with my soul mate. Each day it's a reminder of God's plan. Sometimes things don't work out for reasons unknown to us/ but Thank God he knows what he's doing. This year will be our 4th wedding anniversary, it feels like yesterday!

Spring and Summer is definitely the wedding season! What special memories do you have of your big day? As we are approaching Valentines Day, remember that special person in your life.

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Sue said...

PERFECT venue for an intimate wedding. I'll pass the word if I hear of anybody that's looking for a place just like yours!