Friday, February 15, 2013

My new car

Hi everyone,

If anyone knows me very well, then they know I keep cars FOREVER..... It was time to retire my Oldsmobile Alero! I had her for 13 years and it was time.

I am so excited to have my new car, a Kia Soul. I have the Titanium color, black leather enterior, power windows, power locks and a keless entry, blue tooth, (again, if anyone knows me knows that none of my cars have had that, LOL).

I have always been just a basic, simple girl when it comes to cars. Something to get me from A to B.

HMMM, a walk down memory lane. My first car and probably my favorite until now was a Pontiac Lamanse Le Hatchback, Red and Black. Love it!!

Bought it when I was 16 and was FORCED to trade it in when I was pregnant for a 4 door Dodge Neon (yuck). My now ex husban'ds family owned a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealership and he thought I needed to drive the families brand... I will just say, I hated the Iris colored (light purple) Dodge Neon...

My 3rd car was the Oldsmobile mini van that I soon traded for the Oldsmobile Alero (I am not a mini van soccer Mom). Have never liked mini vans, not sure why, just not for me. I enjoyed my Alero, it was just time to retire.

So, now it's the Kia Soul (not my dream car/ Mini Cooper) but it will have to do for now. One day when I am not having to shuffel people here and there or large amounts of food then the Mini will be in my drive way~ it may be considered a classic by then but that's okay. I think for now my dream car will be named Britt...

So, what was your fist car?? Do you remember the smell? the paint color etc? Would love to hear what your first and dream car is.. Do you name your car?? I never have, but my sister has named all of hers. I think that's cute.. Maybe I should name the Kia, what do you think? Taking suggestions for my new ride.

See you soon! Stacy

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